M. Bradley Johnson and Jordan P. Schnitzer obtain defense verdict for hotel casino in suit for false imprisonment, defamation, assault and battery

M. Bradley Johnson and Jordan P. Schnitzer recently obtained a defense verdict for a hotel casino on the Las Vegas strip against a plaintiff asserting claims for false imprisonment, defamation and assault and battery.  The plaintiff asked for $300,000.00 in opening statements resulting from a multiple hour detention.  The hotel’s position was the plaintiff was causing a disturbance on the casino floor, was asked to leave and refused.  The jury found the hotel was legally justified in the detention pursuant to Nevada’s citizen’s arrest statute.  Additionally, the attorneys from Kravitz, Schnitzer and Johnson succeeded on a directed verdict motion to dismiss the punitive damages claim after the conclusion of plaintiff’s case in chief.

The case is titled James Michael Williams v. Bellagio, LLC, Eighth Judicial District Court Case No. A14702037C.

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